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7 Inch Digital LCD monitor with quad function
7 Inch Digital LCD monitor with quad function


*Quad control box for Monitors
*4 Video and Audio inputs
*The trigger delay time for each camera is 2 seconds
*Normal or Mirror image can be switched separately on each camera
*Single, Two, Three, Quad image for optional
*Separate trigger control wire on each camera
*Monitor will automatic switch-over the image to the corresponding triggered camera and back to the original mode when the trigger stops.


Product size

  • size:
    Motion detection / timer switch / alarm recording
  • Application:

    Suitable places

  • With remote control
    Monitors can be optional with loudspeaker or not,
    users can adjust sound on the control panel or remote
  • Specification

    1/3" SHARP COLOR CCD Waterproof Camera Specifications(PDF documents) New
    1/3" COLOR CMOS Specifications(PDF documents) New
    1/3" SONY 420-Lines Color CCD Sensor Specifications(PDF documents)
    1/4" COLOR CMOS Sensor Specifications(PDF documents)
    1/3" SHARP B/W CCD Waterproof Camera Specifications(PDF documents)

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