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7 Inch Digital LCD monitor with quad function

LCD-TFT Performance:

4-channels(full/quad display)
SD card, SDHC
Record image + time+channel name+ license plate
Support manual recording, timer recording, alarm event timing recording (advance record)
Circular records automatically, over-write if memory is full, alarm record protection
Video playback, audio synchronization
Support play, pause, frame, slow play,fast forward, fast rewind, etc
Can record vehicle speed, GPS data (need to add GPS module)
+8/48V DC
+8/48V DC


Suitable places

  • A function is applicable to: buses, commuter trains:
    Vehicles on the way up and down internal video
    video passengers and vehicles
    Clearly recorded the traffic,provide the basis for accurate to
    verify performance Better video for emergencies,provide valuable evidence
  • Specification

    1/3" SHARP COLOR CCD Waterproof Camera Specifications(PDF documents) New
    1/3" COLOR CMOS Specifications(PDF documents) New
    1/3" SONY 420-Lines Color CCD Sensor Specifications(PDF documents)
    1/4" COLOR CMOS Sensor Specifications(PDF documents)
    1/3" SHARP B/W CCD Waterproof Camera Specifications(PDF documents)

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